Stem Cell Therapy Boon For Eye Diseases

Stem Cell Therapy Boon For Eye Diseases

What Is An Eye Disorder?

Eye disorder is a disease condition that refers to the mild or severe type of damage to the optic nerve,eye, ocular socket, which hampers colour vision, peripheral vision, and central vision. Eye disorder That affects children may cause nystagmus or rhythmic, involuntary movement of Eye.

Causes of Eye Disorder

There are many causes of Eye disorder, which ranges from Eye Injury, trauma, decreased blood or oxygen supply to Eye, tumor, toxins, infection, hereditary causes,  hydrocephalus as well as some rare degenerative disorders. Eye disorder usually found in humans from birth throughout teenage to Adulthood, with the most common causes related to eye injury/ trauma. Eye conditions/ diseases have also been a significant cause of many cases of eye disorder.

Symptoms of Eye Disorder:

Eye disorder comes with Several Different signs and symptoms. They include:

  • Colour vision and contrast sensitivity are affected.
  • Blurred vision
  • Reduced visual function, such as reduced peripheral vision or reduced clarity/sharpness of vision.
  • Optic disc changes
  • Weak pupil constriction in light condition
  • Decreased brightness in one eye

Diagnosis of Eye Disorder

Paleness of the eye and optic nerve is observed using an instrument ophthalmoscope. Diagnosis Tests are also carried out to assess visual accuracy, visual alignment,the head position, as well as the pupils,the colour, and peripheral vision before eye disorder treatment.

Pre Treatment Test For Better Diagnosis

  • Ocular History Assessments
  • Optic Nerve Imaging
  • Amster Grid Testing
  • Pupil Dilation
  • Vision Assessments
  • External Inspection of Eyes and Eyelids
  • Visual Motility Assessments
  • Pachymetry
  • Ophthalmoscopy
  • Pupil Examination
  • Red Reflex Examination

Conventional Treatment Methods For Eye Disorder

Traditional treatment methods for eye diseases or ocular disorder are limited to few. This type of treatment is mainly done by  prescribing spectacle for refractive errors, use magnifiers or tinted lens to improve visual function, reduction of fluid pressure around the brain and spinal cord.

How Stem Cell Therapy Best for Eye Disorder?

Once the stem cells are administered into the retrobulbar space, they can begin acting on damaged tissue and Starts Rejuvenating the optic fibres and retinal cells.

The Mesenchymal Stem Cells can differentiate into photo receptors and other cells. The differentiated cells arebeneficial to treat lesions in optic nerves and retinal pigment cells.

Patients who are suffering from Optic Nerve Injuries or Eye disorder (ONA), this treatment can give some of the fibres between missing optic nerve cells and eventually improve eyesight, the field of vision and colour discrimination capabilities.

Stem Cell Therapy For Eye Treatment in India – Improvements

Most patients with eye disorder  Stem Cell Therapy for eye diseases has helped to reduce eye surgery for various eye disorders .innovative treatments, using adult Stem Cells showed good betterment in visual accuracy, visual field, light sensitivity, Increased distant vision and night vision, Visual Perception and Clarity Of Vision. Moreover, stem cell Therapy For Eye disorder had resulted in significantly slowing down further vision loss in patients with progressive diseases.

Eye disorder patients treated with stem cell Therapy observe improvements in the following areas:

  1. Improved Visual acuity
  2. Improved Night vision
  3. Complete stoppage of the vision loss
  4. Improved eyesight
  5. Improved Color discrimination ability
  6. Improved Colour vision
  7. Improved Clarity of vision
  8. Improved Distant And Near vision
  9. Improved Focus
  10. Improved Visual Field
  11. Improved Night Vision
  12. Improved Light Sensitivity
  13. Improved Visual Activity
  14. The enhanced overall quality of life

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