Does ED Only Affect Older Adults?

ED not just affects the older adults but could occur at a young age too. Because sexual arousal is a complex natural process involving the nervous system, muscular system, and blood vessels, endocrine hormone system, a lot of chronic conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes or neurodegenerative disorders could be responsible for the development of ED. However, psychological factors contribute the most to the development of ED such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

How can the ED be Prevented?

Several lifestyle changes can help in preventing ED such as a healthy diet, daily exercise, adequate sleep, and staying away from smoking, drug abuse or alcohol addiction. It is also necessary to reduce stress levels since psychological factors are convincing reasons for ED.

Does ED can cause Infertility?

ED does not cause infertility directly. It just restricts your sexual function and behavior, which can delay your pregnancy or further complications. But, another condition associated with infertility in men may refrain you from an erection. ED neither affects the sperm quality nor sperm count. It only prevents you from ejaculating to facilitate pregnancy.

Is ED Curable?

ED is curable at all ages. Over the counter medications, such Sildenafil is popularly known as the blue pill or Viagra help in muscle relaxation, therefore improving the flow of blood. Alternatively, there may be testosterone hormone administration or usage of assistive medical devices like penile pumps. But, these are temporary methods and Treatment may require multiple usages. For chronic symptoms leading to ED, a permanent cure is to be preferred. Stem cell therapy for ED is an upcoming Boon for the treatment of patients with Erectile Dysfunction. Recent medical trials have shown that stem cells therapy can restore erectile function and the whole process of arousal, facilitating intercourse.

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