Erectile Dysfunction – Every Man Need To Know Myths And Facts

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the condition in which the patient is unable to achieve an erection and is commonly referred to as “impotence”.  Men with ED have reduced sexual Arousal. Most men are uneasy talking about Erectile Dysfunction, mainly due to the social shame associated with it. As a result, very few take the correct medical treatment. These can have long term implications affecting self-esteem, triggering mental stress and also contribute to relationship issues with your partner.

It is more common than thought and affects about 40% of the men at age 40 and 70% by age 70. Erectile Dysfunction is the most common sexual problems reported in men. It is nota very unusual medical condition that could be affecting about one-fourth of the Indian men population. Most people suffering from ED sees it as an embarrassment a matter of disgrace and maybe ashamed to discuss their issue even with their life partner.

In many conditions, men are also prevented by their family members to talk about their medical condition, as it is considered a sign of weakness. As a result, they do not report their concerns to specialists. This also explains why no data is being collected on a large scale. While two or three episodes do not confirm sexual dysfunction, it is crucial to be aware of the range of factors that may be causing ED so that the issue could be resolved with a holistic approach. Below are the key determinants affecting men’s sexual health.

It is very natural for many men to experience ED under minor illness or stress condition. But a long-term ED condition may be a reason for seeking the help of a medical professional. Therefore, it is Advised to drop any embarrassment issue in taking the medical expert’s consultation. The doctor will perform simple laboratory tests such as Hormone (testosterone) levels or HbA1c for Diabetes.

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